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Managing Levels

Levels and Divisions are used to separate gymnasts into competition groupings based on age and/or skill.

Levels are also specific to a competition year, as the settings for each level may differ from year to year.

Level listing

By default, the level listing will only show competition levels for the current year. You can adjust this using the Competition Year filter at the top right-hand side of the page.

The level listing will display all levels, ordered by name. Levels for individuals will additionally display the apparatus selected for the level.

Basic Details

Name & Competition Year

The basic details of the level.

Individual or Groups/Multiple

This controls the options available in the level. Individual levels will allow selection of apparatus, whilst Groups/Multiple levels will show options for the routines to be performed (i.e. 5 ribbons, or 2 balls, 3 clubs).

Maximum Routine Duration

This is used to specify how long a routine should be, and is used in session timing calculations.

If left blank, the default duration of 90 seconds is assumed.

Notes for Result PDF

Text entered here will appear on result PDFs. This is most commonly used to describe criteria within selection events.

Scoring Settings

Scoring Method

  • F.I.G. RG - Standard FIG Rhythmic scoring system.
  • Single Score - Simplified scoring using a single number for the routine. Used for beginner levels only.

Show Apparatus Rankings

If enabled, show the athlete ranking positions in the apparatus results views.

Show AA Rankings

If enabled, show the athlete ranking positions in All-Around results views.

Use Banded Results

If enabled, applies a Gold/Silver/Bronze banding approach to scores, rather than individual rankings results.

Once enabled, extra options to define the bandings become available

Apparatus Silver/Gold Score: The minimum score to achieve a Silver or Gold Banding for an Apparatus result. Results below the Silver score will receive a Bronze banding.

AA Silver/Gold Score: The minimum score to achieve a Silver or Gold Banding in All-Around results. Results below the Silver score will receive a Bronze banding.

Note: If no scores are entered (i.e. all 0), then results are split into 3 equal bandings.

Qualifying score for finals competition

For selection events where a minimum qualifying score must be achieved, any scores equal to or above the qualifying score will be shown with a Q in the results.

Achieving a qualifying score does not automatically mean selection for a competition squad as each organisation has it's own selection rules.


Use Compulsory Music

Indicates if the level has pre-defined music that gymnasts must use. This is typical for competition levels with younger gymnasts, where having predefined music simplifies coaching and allows for multiple gymnasts to compete to the same music at the same time.

Age restrictions

Gymnast ages are determined based on their age at the start of a competition year (i.e. January 1st). This setting limits the gymnasts in a level based on their age.

If no age is supplied, no minimum or maximum age checks will occur.

Allow Team Entries

This option is only available for Individual competition levels.

Indicates if Team Entries are allowed. If enabled, extra options will be shown related to team structure.

  • Team Size (min/max): The number of gymnasts that can be entered as a team.
  • Count Scores Per Apparatus: If true, team scores are determined by the best n scores per apparatus. If disabled, team scores are determined by the best n scores across all apparatus.
  • Scores to count: How many scores across the team members should be used to determine the Team Total score.


Only available for levels for Individuals

Indicators for each apparatus. If enabled, indicate the apparatus will be performed by the gymnasts.

For levels where there is compulsory music, enabling an apparatus will also show options for setting the music track to be used.


Only available for levels for Groups/Multiples

Min/Max Gymnasts

The number of gymnasts in the group.

Allow a reserve

If enabled, one extra gymnast can be entered into the group as a reserve.

Routines per competition

Shows the number of routines/performances that have been defined. Clicking Add will add a new routine and Delete will remove the last routine from the routine list.

Below this are the details for each defined routine.

When selecting the apparatus for use in a routine, the total selected must equal the maximum number of gymnasts in the group.

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