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Getting started

You need an organisation

This page assumes you've performed the steps from the Getting Sarted page and have published a competition for your organisation.

Choose how you will record scores

One option is to have judges capture their scores on paper score sheets (chits) and have them entered by a data entry person.

The other option is to have judges use mobile devices to record their scores, avoiding the hassle of paper score sheets and allowing judges.

This Getting Started guide will cover both choices.

Competitions must be active

You can only enter scores for Competitions that are Activated and Published.

(Optional) Start the Scoreboard

If you have a large screen display, you can use the scoreboard to show scores to the audience as they are entered.

Connect a laptop to your large screen display and navigate to You do not need to sign in to use the Scoreboard, unless it is a private competition.

Click on Scoreboard in the navigation menu, and select the competition to show scores for.

You may either show scores for a single session or showing scores for all sessions. In most cases, we recommend showing all sessions so that you do not need to adjust the scoreboard during the competition.

Once the scoreboard is showing, click on the maximise button at the top right to make the scoreboard a full screen display.

(optional) Floor Marshal

If you have a Floor Marshal (a person who ensures gymnasts are ready to enter the competition floor), they can use the system to indicate when a gymnast or multiples group has entered the floor.

This person can also update the system should a gymnast be unable to compete.

The Floor Marshal must sign in to the system, and we recommend having a volunteer account created specifically for them.

Whenever the Floor Marshall places a gymnast on the floor, the Scoreboard will show the gymnasts name on the screen for the duration of that routine.

(Choice 1) Have a Data Entry person enter scores


We strongly recommend using a separate user account specifically for data entry. Set this account to be a volunteer account, as volunteers only have access to data entry and floor marshal features.

Under this approach, judges hand write their scores on chits (judging sheets) and send them to the head judge on their panel. The head judge reviews the scores for correctness and variance, before then passing them to a data entry person. The data entry person then enters the individual judge scores into the system to produce the routine total score.

In most organisations, the data entry person is a volunteer. We recommend a laptop is used for entering scores, and that you sign in to the system with a volunteer account so that your volunteers don't have too many permissions.

To enter scores:

  1. Choose the the Score Entry option from the navigation menu.
  2. Select the competition and session you wish to record scores for
  3. For each routine:
    1. Select the routine to enter scores for.
    2. Enter the individual scores for each judge
    3. Click Save to finalise the score.

Upon saving a score, the Scoreboard will update to show the newly entered score, and the Score Entry system will automatically move to the next routine to be entered.

If a mistake is made, simply click on the incorrect routine, correct the scores and hit Save again. The Scoreboard will show a the new score with [Upd] in front of the gymnast's name to indicate the score was corrected.

(Choice 2) Have Judges enter their scores

To avoid the problems that can occur with passing chits around, you may choose to have judges enter scores on their own devices.

While this approach is quite different to traditional chit-based judging, experience indicates that once they use it, judges strongly prefer this approach.

Define the panels

For this entry method, each judge needs to sign in to the system, and each panel must be defined before the competition starts.

To define the judging panel for a session:

  1. Click Judging from the navigation menu.
  2. Select the competition and session you wish to define the panel for.
  3. Click the Panels button toward the top right-hand side of the scren.
  4. Click on the panel card to expand it.
  5. Select the judges for each panel position.
    1. If you are running a short panel, you can leave positions empty.
    2. If you have judges filling multiple positions, enter their name against each position.
  6. Click Save

Once the panels are defined, clicking on the Judging button at the top right will switch back to the score entry view.

Score entry stages

Score entry works in 3 mini-stages. The first stage is where each judge submits their score, the second stage is where agreed scores are submitted, and the final stage is when the head judge reviews the submitted scores and finalised the routine score.

To record a score for a routine:

  1. Each judge:
    1. Enters a score for the panel position(s) they are judging, without discussion.
    2. They then click the Submit button to send their score to the head judge.
  2. After submitting, a status indicator will shown indicating who has submitted scores and who is still pending.
  3. Where judges needing to set an agreed score
    1. The primary judge will see all of the scores for their sub-panel only once all sub-panel scores are submitted.
    2. They will then enter an agreed score
    3. They then click Set Agreed to submit the agreed score to the head judge
  4. The head judge will then see all scores entered for the panel
    1. After reviewing all scores for correctness, the head judge for the panel clicks Save
  5. Once a score is saved, a short countdown timer appear before the next routine is automatically selected.

Keeping the competition moving

To minimise delays between routines, we recommend the head judge be willing to bring a gymnast onto the floor whilst still reviewing submitted scores. The time it takes a gymnast to ready themselves is usually sufficient time for the head judge to review and finalise scores.

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