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Music & Session Playlists

RGScores supports the generation and creation of playlists aligned to your session work orders so that you don't need to order hundreds of music tracks.

Levels can be defined with either compulsory music tracks that all gymnasts must use, or free-choice.

When working with music tracks, you will always be working in the context of either the organisation or a single club. Limiting the context makes managing music simpler and allows different music with the same track name to exist in different contexts.

Selecting a music track

When editing a level or adding an competition entry, you will see the option to select a music track either for each apparatus (individuals), or for each routine (groups).

Clicking the Select track button will open the track selection dialog.

From here, browse to any track you wish to use and click on it.

If you have a many tracks, you may find it quicker to use the search box at the top of the window.

To confirm the track is the one you wish to you, you can listen to it by pressing the play button.

Changing the selected track

If you realise you have selected the wrong track, just click on the track name and the selection dialog will open. You can then choose the correct track.

Uploading and managing music

At the top of track selection window is a checkbox that will switch you over to management mode and back. Management mode is where you can upload new tracks or delete existing ones.


Deleting or renaming tracks can create issues for entries using those tracks and result in playlists with missing musics. Always confirm that the number of tracks in a playlist matches the number of routines in your competition


Music tracks can be organised into folders. How you name these folders and organise the tracks within them is entirely up to you.

To add a folder, simply click on the 'Add Folder' icon, give the folder a name, and press the enter key.

Uploading a music track

To upload music, you can either upload a file at a time, or you can upload multiple files at once.

You can upload .MP3, .AAC, .WAV, and .OGG formatted files, and all files must be under 100 MB in size.

Generating Playlists

Once you have generated a work order for a session you can generate the music for the session.

Use the Download Playlist button from the session's Settings card. This will create a .zip file with all of the tracks for all of the routines in the session.

If an entry or the level does not have an associated track, there will be a gap in the playlist.

To make running the competition smoother, track names in the .zip file are named according to the work order and use the following format:

(routine number) - Gymnast name - Apparatus - Original track name


You can play back the tracks with any music player you like. Most music players are designed to play tracks back to back and can be annoying to use for competitions. We recommend One Track Mind (iOS) as it automatically stops at the end of each track.

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