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Changes and Updates


Servicing update

  • Results for RG competitions will, once again, show the score breakdown when selecting a routine result.


Multi-Part Session Improvements

When generating a multi-part session, you can now choose which club's gymnasts are placed into Part A. The remaining gymnasts will placed into Part B. This gives you another option for controlling how sessions are split.

Additionally, the public results view for a multi-part session now shows buttons for switching between the overall results and the results of each session part. This is helpful for anyone wishing to run mini-presentations for the gymnasts competing in each session part, whilst still having an overall session result.


The session administration view and result PDFs are unchanged. They will only show whole-of-session results.


Multi-Part Sessions

Consider a competition level with a large number of gymnasts. In most cases we would recommend a large level be broken into smaller divisions or regions but there are scenarios where doing so is not practical, typically related to representative selection processes.

Competition sessions for large levels can become quite long (think 4+ hours) and in these very long sessions the gap between performances for gymnasts gets excessively large.

To alleviate the challenge of long gaps between performances, RG Scores now supports session splitting!

In a split session, gymnasts compete in batches. The first batch of gymnasts performs all of their routines in the first part of the session, and then the second batch performs their routines.

There is still only one judging panel and all results and rankings are for the session as a whole. The only noticeable change is that there will now be double the number of rotations in the session, and there will be a gap between the first and second parts.


  • You can only split sessions where a single level is competing
  • A session can only be split into 2 parts (Part A & B)
  • You can either allocate gymnasts randomly across the parts -or- you can choose to keep gymnasts from the same club together
  • You decide how long the gap between the two session parts will be
    • You can specify the gap as a duration or a specific start time for part B

We trust this helps and look forward to your suggestions for improvements.


Initial support for Acrobatic Gymnastics

RGScores now has initial support for Acrobatic Gymnastics.

This involves some significant internal reworking of the application, none of which you should ever see!

The primary change for existing users will be that the organisation selection now shows a gym sport, before showing the organisations. Beyond that you should see no other changes.

We're working through feedback before updating our documentation, but be aware that it is coming.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us via the contact form on the web site and let us know you're interested.

Administration improvements for People

The people card now separates people into gymnasts and 'everyone else' (judges, volunteers, organisers, etc.) to make it easier to find individuals.

You can also now remove people who are no longer active from view by 'archiving' them.

To do so, simply click on the 'archive' icon to the right of a person's name, and confirm your action.

People archival

Don't worry. If you make a mistake, use the checkbox to show archived people in your search and click the 'undo' button to restore them.

While archived people remain in the system for historical reasons, you will no longer see them when adding entries to competitions or searching for people. If you do need to fully remove someone (e.g. for GDPR reasons) please get in touch so we can help you out.

Session Administration

The session administration page now shows level results by default, rather than the summary view. The summary view has been removed as it didn't show any useful information.

Minor Changes and Fixes

  • Estimated routines times will now correctly cater for A/B panels where one panel has multiple routines in succession.
  • The scoreboard has received some updates to handle very long names, especially where groups are concerned.
  • Public views now show dates in dd-mmm-yyyy format to reduce potential confusion with regional date format settings.
  • Result PDFs for multiples levels will now have correct columns widths.

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