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Managing People

In RGScores a person is a person. One person may have multiple roles such as gymnast, judge, coach, and volunteer. Or they may have just one.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are doing anything related to a person in RGScores, you will only need to enter them into the system once. The role(s) they have determines what they can do and what can happen with them.

People summary

In the Administration area, the people card will show a summary of all the people in the system, grouped by roles.

People summary

Because people can have multiple roles, don't expect the total number of people to match the counts per role. Additionally, the count will only show the number of active people in the system. People you have archived are not shown in the summary view.

Adding a person

To add a person, simply click the (+) button at the top right of the people card.

A dialog will appear where you can enter their details (see below). Click Save when done.

Finding and editing a person

To search for a person, you need to know what role you're expecting to find them in.

Click on the All People drop down in the header of the people card. Selecting All People wlll show the summary screen. Selecting the specific roles will show a list of people in that role.

When you select any role, you will see a field for searching on name and registration. The Gymnasts or Coaches views include a filter by club option as well.

Searching for a gymnast

Once you find the person you want, select their entry to bring up the details for editing.

People - Details

Person details

First & Last Name

Required details. Will be shown wherever names are displayed within the system


The options available are:

  • Gymnast
  • Coach
  • Judge, and
  • Other
    • Club Owner
    • Volunteer
    • Competition Organiser
    • Administrator

A person may have multiple roles at the same time. You do not need to create separate records for them. For example, a Gymnast who is also a Judge can have both the Gymnast and Judge role active.

Gymnastics Club

All people must belong to a Gymnastics club. If you have Judges and volunteers not affiliated with any club, we recommend creating a specific club called Independents and associated them with that club.

Date of Birth

Applies only to Gymnasts.

The date of birth is not required, but is very helpful in ensuring only gymnasts of the correct age can be entered in levels that have an age restriction.

Registration Number

The registration number is an optional field for Gymnasts, Coaches, and Judges. It is not used elsewhere in the system, and is intended for manual cross referencing of athletes and officials against an official registration system. The registration number does not have to be a number. At can be any text you want it to be.

Recording this information can be valuable when searching for people by their registration number.

Email Address

Required for all roles except Gymnast.

This is used for authentication purposes only. The email address should be email for the person's Google or Facebook account.

Child Safety Reference

Optional. For Coaches and Judges only.

As part of ensuring people working with children do not pose a risk, people involved in children's sport may need to have a valid government registration number. In Australia this is referred to as a "Working with Children Check". Other countries may have different names for the same type of check.

This reference number provides a way for organisation administrators to verify if people are allowed to work with children in a paid or volunteer capacity.

Expiry Date

Optional. The date on which the child safety reference will expire.

Other Roles

  • Club Owner: currently unused
  • Volunteer: Has permissions to use the score entry and floor marshal features
  • Competition Organiser: Can create new competitions, and has full management permissions for the competitions they created. The cannot see or access competitions they did not create, and competition credits will be drawn from the club they are associated with.
  • Administrator: Can manage all aspects of the system. This role should only be assigned to trusted people.

Archiving People

When a gymnast retires or a person is no longer active in the system, you can archive them. Doing so will hide their details from new entry listings and/or disable their access to the system, depending on the role they had.

Archived people will remain in the system for historical purposes, and you can always restore someone by searching for them in the archived lists and clicking the undo button next to their name. If you wish to fully remove someone from the system for GDPR reasons, please get in touch.

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